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About me

I am Peixin. (Pinyin: Pèi-Xīn)

As a designer

I have 6+ years of working experience. Launched products internationally and helped to drive large business growth. I am experienced in product thinking, coming up with long-term vision parallel with tactical deliverables, working with qualitative and quantitative data, collaborating with cross-functional teams to come up with simple and persuasive design solutions.

Outside of work

I was born and raised in the beautiful ice city - Harbin, China. When I was a child, I was interested in painting, So I pursue an art school in my undergrad. I got my BFA in industrial design at China Academy of the Arts and my MFA in interaction design at California College of the Arts.

During my entire career, I got a lot of help from my mentors, teammates, design community friends and I am trying to giving back to the design community by helping younger designers on ADPlist providing help on job searching, career advance. Want to see how I help other designers, here is a list of reviews I got from my mentees. 

During my spare time, I like to spend time with my cat - Jo, travel with my husband, paint, and snowboard. Recently, I am having fun with my laser cut projects using my new Glowforge, making ceramic alpaca, taking pictures with micro-lense, and doing resin art. 

What set me apart?


“Peixin is a great asset to the team and the company. She has a clear passion for her work, with a strong customer focus and high interpersonal integrity. " -  B, PM


“Peixin is a role model of Ownership. She is thorough and diligent, keeping up with all aspects of her feature areas. " - J, Design manager

Deep dive

“Peixin shows a clear, end-to-end understanding of her product and how it fits within the product ecosystem. She considers every possible use case when coming up with designs." M, SDM


"Peixin has closely worked with the dev team throughout the migration, modifying her designs to fit new requirements and technical limitations. ” - E, SDE


When it comes to working with others, I listen a lot, understand people's perspectives and maintain healthy working relationships with my coworkers. 


I am a person with strong curiosity. I enjoy reading, learning new skills, tools, etc. Jump into a new project, work in an unfamiliar field always excite me. 

My design fields

Logistic workflow, E-commerce, global expansion, localization, kids digital reading experiences, recommendation strategy, fulfillment, internal tools, design system, data visualization, customer support, and chatbot.

Let's connect!

I’d love to chat about new opportunities or anything design-related!
I am happy to help anyone who wants to navigate themselves in the UX industry. Please either send me an email or book a 30mins UX coffee chat with me. 

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